Hertfordshire Chartered Surveyors

Cost Consultant

Our cost consultants will provides estimates or cost plans, and advice regarding the cost of construction works for the client.

The cost consultants role might include:

  • Helping determine the client’s requirements and undertaking feasibility studies.
  • Benchmarking requirements against similar projects.
  • Assessing and comparing options.
  • Helping define the project budget.
  • Checking developing designs against the project budget.
  • Assessing value for money.
  • Checking designs meet legal and quality standards.
  • Undertaking risk management and value management exercises.
  • Preparing cost plans, estimates and cash flow projections.
  • Advising on procurement strategy
  • Advising on suitable contract forms
  • Preparing bills of quantities.
  • Preparing tender pricing documents.
  • Collating and issuing tender documentation.
  • Assessing tenders.
  • Estimating the cost of variations.
  • Preparing valuation statements for interim certificates.
  • Assisting with the valuation of claims.
  • Preparing regular cost reports, including out-turn cost and cash flow.
  • Completing the final account.
  • Cost PlanningAs a client you will want to know at an early stage of construction if you can afford to proceed with your project including design fees, land and statuary costs along with contingency funds for changes
  • RIBA Plan Of WorkAny construction project must follow the RIBA stages 0-7. Appointing designers, finding competent contractors and finally purchasers or tenants. We provide knowledge and assistance at every stage to ensure your project is value for money.
  • DisputesUnfortunately some construction projects can be subject to disputes and delay. These can be avoided with planning from the outset using various tools such as procurement strategies and contract selection which will protect the client from risk exposure and a good project outcome

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